Siege Hero Viking Vengeance

siege hero viking vengeance

It is pretty hard to pinpoint the originator of the crash genre of gaming, but Angry Birds certainly made the formula plenty famous. Siege Hero Viking Vengeance is another crash game that lets you tactically destroy bit of a structure in order to watch it crumble down. The big difference is the fact that you no longer have to deal with chance attacks and hope that your trajectories are right. Viking Vengeance is all about being able to precisely strike at the opponent’s weakest points, and the only question is whether you really should. Aside from destroying all your targets, the game also adds another innovative twist in the genre: keeping certain units alive.

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Pokemon Tower Defense – the Perfect Game for Grown Up Fans

pokemon tower defense

If are not a fan of anything related to catching virtual monsters, raising them up as pets, having them evolve into new forms, having them fight against other people’s monsters, earning badges, and collecting even more monsters to add to your collection, then stop and move away, otherwise, stick around! This is our little moment of spotlight on Pokemon Tower Defense, a great TD game that makes use of many elements from the highly popular Nintendo game franchise. It takes away all the original RPG style nature of exploration and the turn based menu driven combat. Instead, players now get a mission based tower defense game that will have your Pokemon Trainer skills pushed to all new limits as you choose the right Pokemon to lead you to victory.

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Kingdom Rush: Stage Strategies (6-10)

kingdom rush later stages

Stage 6: The Citadel

Linirea has an advantage of being fortified by seven un-upgraded paladins where two are on each of the side paths and the remaining three next to the exit. Although they are pretty robust, their health regenerates slowly. This makes them vulnerable when faced with a large number of enemy waves and will probably die if not supported properly. Be sure to establish barracks to forge chokepoints on both sides and as for the center path and exit, use the meteor spell as it does great job there. Upgrades are must, so it is mandatory to upgrade archer towers to ranger hideouts to withstand later assaults.

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Stark Tower Defense: Put a Stop to the Lethal Legion


A Marvel fan, are you? Do you like tower defense games? If your answer to both of these questions is yes, then make like Iron Man and defeat the Lethal Legion in Stark Tower Defense! This interesting tower defense game places you in control of several of Earth’s mightiest heroes (and we are not just talking about the Avengers) as they help out good old Tony in the defense of his Start Towers.

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Kingdom Rush: Stage Strategies (1-5)

kingdom rush stage strategies

With an annoucement made by Ironhide Game Studio of a sequel to Kingdom Rush lot’s of online gamers are highly anticipating the launch of Kingdom Rush 2. We can only hope that it pretty much keeps the same credentials that made the first so much fun to play whilst focusing on more content, enemies, stages etc.

We don’t think Ironhide will need to do much to ensure the second game is a huge success, fans just seem to want more of the same! With the upcoming release of Kingdom Rush 2 to be expected in 2012 (we are hoping) we thought we provide you guys with a great level by level strategy guide for the first, enjoy!

STAGE 1: Southport

Southport is one of the easiest levels of the game and all it requires is deploying as many archer towers as needed to clear the stage. You will also find a plethora of sheep here and before starting the battle by clicking on the “Start Battle” icon it is good to earn the Ovinophobia trophy. All it requires is exploding the sheep by clicking on them. You might find it funny but cruel but if you plan on collecting all the badges you have got to do it as soon as possible.

Overcoming the heroic challenge requires a balanced strategy by deploying a balanced amount of mage and archer towers and barracks. In order to provide optimal damage be sure to put little units of mage and archer towers at the large curve.

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Warzone Tower Defense: Maps

warzone tower defense maps

Warzone Tower Defense allows players to choose their map. Each of the various types of maps have their own unique traits and features and depending on how much of a challenge you want to have, this is the first consideration that you have to take note of.

Each map terrain is available in two variants: standard or ground only. With standard maps, you have to deal with all types of enemies, both ground based and flying units. With ground only, you will not have to deal with air based fliers –which means you spend less money on flak cannons and missile turrets (in fact, these towers will not be selectable in ground only maps). The only thing players need to be careful of when playing in ground only maps is that the laser cannon still has the 1 credit anti-air conversion upgrade. Just be sure not to accidentally click this or you will render your 1000 credit tower completely useless against the ground troops you are facing. As one can imagine, ground only maps are significantly easier compared to standard maps –if you are a new player or are simply not too used to playing tower defense titles, then we highly suggest that you stick with the ground only maps before moving on to the standard ones.

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Warzone Tower Defense: The Defense Towers

war zone tower defense the towers

The game features a total of nine different defense towers, each of which has its own traits and abilities. As we mentioned before a mix of these towers will help you fend off various enemy waves –especially in the later parts of the game when you encounter the tougher enemy types. In order to help you decide which gun is be best suited to your defensive layout, we have compile a list of the types and have provided a quick description of what makes the gun different.

Machine Guns – these are the simplest and cheapest of all the guns. And as one would expect, these are also the weakest guns on the game. The only advantage that these guns have is that they can target flying enemies. This means that if you cannot afford a missile turret or a flak cannon and you see flying waves ahead, then laying down several machine guns in their way. If you are playing on the ground-only maps, then you can completely ignore this gun and move on to the next one on the list. Also, even when fully upgraded, the machine gun has lower damage than all the others so it really is a waste of credits to invest on if you will not be facing any flying enemies.

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The Endless Hordes of Warzone Tower Defense

war zone tower defense

Some days, we just a need a darn good strategy defense game. No excessively complicated story that distracts players with badly drawn art and slow paced narratives that keep you wondering when you will next get to play the next stage, Warzone Tower Defense presents players with only one thing to focus on, defending their base. There is no exact method or pattern to playing Warzone Tower Defense, while some starting moves are undoubtedly better than others, the game does not limit you to choosing which stage to play, what the limitations are for each stage, and most importantly, the game does control you when it comes to choosing whatever tower you want to build.

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